Sprint 19

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In Progress

Breaking News Email Alert Duplicates
Bug – High
Once the alert checkbox is selected it keeps sending out alerts even after the checkbox is unselected.

Chartbeat Update
New Feature – Normal
Updating the Chartbeat Installation to allow for headline testing.

Point MentorMate App API to Production Environment
Change Request – Normal
With the launch of InForum.com on CUE, the API that was written for MentorMate’s MVP app can now be pointed to the production servers for the vendor to test and develop the apps further.

Migration Export Issue: XMLs in wrong publication folder
Bug – Normal
Validation tool was updated to detect when a migrated piece of content’s publication does not match the publication folder on the migration server. Reprocessing existing migration files to test and ensure that the migration tool has resolved this issue (Legacy Migration and Live Migration processes).

Incorrect Ad Sizes Loading
Bug – High
Google is returning ad sizes that are outside of the size mapping. Affects both CUE and Drupal sites and has reported to only started after November 6. Working with the Advertising department to resolve the issue since advertising code has not been modified on Production since October 23rd. This is pointing to a high likelihood of a change in the Google Ad Manager configuration that needs to be debugged further.

For Testing

Validate Modulist XML Exports
New Feature – Normal
Test the files currently sent over by Modulist and set up Validation Reports and Import jobs for staging and production environments.

To Do

Not all photos getting copied from CUE article to Google print version
Bug – Low
All photos should appear with the story in the Google folder.

Categories not transferring from CUE to CMS sites
Bug – Low
When the story posts to non-CUE sites, it should come in with the correct categories.

District M header integration decreased
Bug – Normal
Only a small fraction (about 15% – 20%) of the bids that were passed from the one-page integration on Drupal are making it through Prebid. Correct Placement IDs were not provided to the Development Team prior to site launch. We have received these now and are working to get these implemented.

Print Integration Photo Description
Change Request – Normal
Photos are showing up in Google Drive with default names, missing or unedited captions, etc.

Poll Results Not Displaying
Bug – High
Results do not display after a user submits their answer – a new AJAX call is required for this to allow for this update to be requested from the server immediately and not rely on a page refresh/cache to update this.

Landing page doesn’t appear to be working as expected
Bug – Normal
Photo gallery landing pages have been reported to not publish as expected. Multiple reports have been submitted regarding this, but when checking the landing page the error is not able to be replicated.

Bullet points not coming through to print version
Change Request – Normal
All bullet points as well as line breaks are removed so that section shows up as one long paragraph that then must be reformatted for print.

Error message returned when trying to delete a section from an article in CUE
Bug – Low
Users should be able to remove sections that were added erroneously.

Update Marketplace links
Change Request – Normal
New feature needed to be built in Drupal to allow for unique Marketplace links to be added in the site header.

Inline Image Restyle
Bug – Normal
When users add an image inline into the content and select an orientation that is not Landscape orientation, the landscape orientation is still used. An update is needed to the content type to resolve this.

Waiting For Release

Price Buckets Not Passing Bids
Bug – High
Price buckets greater than $20 and less than $1 were not passing correct bids. Adjustments needed to the start points in each bucket to return the correct values.

Some obits not showing on inforum.com
Bug – High
All paid content needs to be loaded onto the live site.

Display ads covered by widgets on tablet views
Bug – Normal
Display ads are being covered by elements on the page – available ad sizes for in-article ads on tablet views have been adjusted to match the available size of the content area.

Back Migration Embedded Content
Bug – High
Embedded content (3rd party code, videos, etc) were not passing back to Drupal as expected post launch, This was also causing content passed back to Drupal to malfunction.

Reduce the Size of Top Media on Article Pages
Change Request – Normal
The decision was made to reduce the size of the media at the top of the article pages greater than 768px wide. The media and the caption will move into the same column as the article body and the width of the media and caption will match the width of the text in the article body.

Move the in article ad down the page
Change Request – Normal
The in article ad is currently displaying between the second and third paragraph, not including the intro graph. We need to move this ad down so it display between the fourth and fifth paragraph, not including the intro graph. If an article has less than 4 paragraphs the in article ad should display after the last paragraph in the article.

Change hyperlinks within story to blue
Change Request – Low
When a hyperlink exists within the body of a story currently it is the same color as the surrounding text. The new color should be the same color as the current hover state – 006dd0 and the hover state should have text-decoration:underline;

Reduce the size of the main media photo gallery on article pages
Change Request – Normal
The main media photo gallery that appears at the end of each article needs to be reduced in size on screens wider than 768px. The photo gallery should match the width of the article body and be displayed directly after the last paragraph in the article. On articles shorting than 5 paragraphs where the in article ad displays after all content in the article the photo gallery should display immediately after the in article ad.

Articles viewed through Twitter cutting off characters/iPad styles incorrect for horizontal view
Bug – High
Bugs related to old versions of browsers displaying certain page styles incorrectly.

Open Graph Meta Updates – Image Size
Bug – Normal
Adding size declarations to Open Graph meta tags will resolve issues with social media shares sometimes not returning the correct image. Also added a fallback functionality to display an appropriately sized image when no image is present/available.

Alexa not reporting InForum news
Bug – Low
Updating the RSS Feed for Alexa to filter out HTML characters that would cause issues with Alexa’s reporting.

On Hold/Delayed

Home category of FCCNN shows on inforum.com
Bug – Normal
Content published to FCCNN defaults to the FCNN category when cross-published to InForum rather than selected inforum categories.

OpenX header integration failing
Change Request – Normal
Prebid has yet to send any bids to DFP for OpenX. Incorrect information was given to the development department prior to launch for this setup waiting on information from Dave/OpenX)

Sports page Scoreboard link broken
Bug – High
A large volume of line breaks causing the page to not load – returns 500 error. Bug in CUE product and is under Investigation with CCI.

Linked content not opening in new window
Bug – Normal
Users select that linked content should open in a new window, but it does not. Bug in CUE product and is with CCI R&D Department.

Out of page ad missing on CUE tablet view
Bug – Normal
This has been reported as a bug but is functioning exactly as anticipated, needs clarification from Advertising if this a change is being requested from the original setup.

Difficult to select “New Window” under Link Target in Inline Link Properties
Bug – Normal
The menu under Link target in Inline Link Properties shifts when you click down making it difficult to select New Window. With CCI R&D Department.

Migrated content Cook response
Bug – Normal
Originally thought to have been caused by empty paragraph tags in Drupal. With CCI for further investigation.


Remove Marketplace Widget from Drupal Sites
Change Request – High
With the launch of Search Marketplaces, the Drupal Marketplace feature is no longer needed and would cause issues if offers no longer are present.

Login prompt when logged into CUE
Bug – Low
While already logged in and working user receives a pop-up asking for their password. Since the user is logged in with Google credentials, the box does not accept a password. We have worked with CCI and determined that this is caused by an interruption to the user’s network connection and is anticipating as expected.

Wrong Photos attached to Obituaries
Bug – High
Hashing values to prevent duplicate photo issues on CUE migration have been updated to include image whitespace.

Coding for certain sports styles of text not working once Cues folder is moved back to google docs
Bug – Low
This has been extensively tested and has not been able to be reproduced. Appears to have either been resolved with other Print Integration updates or a user error.

Native Apps Missing Obituaries
Bug – High
App API has been updated to ensure the latest Obits are always included.

Page Not Found on Inforum App
Bug – Normal
Error messages on the app should no longer be displaying.

Google search for InForum goes to the staging site not the live site
Bug – Critical
All Drupal Staging sites are no longer publicly available to prevent Google from returning this in search results.

Stories revert to latest story posted on Inforum Now app
Bug – Low
The reported bug appears to have been resolved with latest App updates

Error message when going to homepage
Bug – High
We have worked with CCI to resolve site performance issues that would occasionally cause Cook to time out. The error message would be cached for up to 9 minutes.

Display of homepage only shows large headline on iPhone and Android
Bug – High
Updates to mobile text sizes have resolved this reported bug.

Some sections not showing up on the InForum Now app
Bug – High
Inforum App API updated to CUE production Environment.

Breaking news label not appearing on mobile Devices
Bug – Normal
Updates to mobile text sizes have resolved this reported bug.

Blank Section Pages and Content Blocks
Bug – Critical
GraphQL returned scheduled content when requesting page load, causing counts to be incorrect and return null data – Bug in CUE Front resolved by CCI R&D, tested and deployed by FCC Development.

Development Team Risks and Concerns

Reduction in Team Velocity
Developer illness and family emergencies have increased the amount of developer PTO used this Sprint and the resource count for this Sprint has been reduced. Onboarding of two new developers is reducing the speed at which developers are able to provide solutions to bugs or develop new features. Setup of FCC’s own cloud-based Jira to provide easier status reporting and roadmaps has reduced development management resources

Lack of clarity on current Paywall Needs
Unclear on what is required of the development team for design when the vendors (managed by IT) are performing the engineering work that is needed outside of implementing Piano code on CUE websites.

Lack of availability for Drupal Support
Versions of open source software needed to set up a local development environment are no longer available. Currently, only 2 developers have working local environments, which will slow any changes needed or issue resolution for Drupal News websites.

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