Current Sprint: 19
Available Resources: 7.4

Inforum/CUE Backlog

Not all photos getting copied from CUE article to Google print version – All photos should appear with the story in the Google folder.

Categories not transferring from CUE to CMS sites – When the story posts to non-CUE sites, it should come in with the correct categories.

Some obits not showing on – All paid content needs to be loaded onto the live site.

District M header integration decreased – Only a small fraction (about 15% – 20%) of the bids that were passed from the one page integration on Drupal are making it through Prebid.

OpenX header integration failing – Prebid has yet to send any bids to DFP for OpenX.

Print Integration Photo Description – Photos are showing up with default names, missing or unedited captions, etc.

Sports page Scoreboard link broken – Large volume of lines causing the page to not load.

Breaking News Email Alert is not working – Once the alert checkbox is selected it keeps sending out alerts even after the checkbox is unselected.

Chartbeat Update – Our Chartbeat configuration needs updating to support Headline Testing.

Poll Results Not Displaying – Results do not display after a user submits their answer.

Linked content not opening in new window – Users select that linked content should open in a new window, but it does not.

Home category of FCCNN shows on – Content published to FCCNN defaults to the FCNN category when cross published to inforum rather than selected inforum categories.

Landing page doesn’t appear to be working as expected – Landing page is not processing the gallery correctly.

Display ads covered by widgets on tablet – Display ads are being covered by elements on page,

Migrated content Cook response – Team needs to look for and prune out empty tags (eg. <p></p> )

Prebid not passing bids over $20 or under $1 –  All bids over $20 are being passed to DFP as $20 and bids under $1 are being passed as $1.

Out of page ad missing on CUE tablet view – No out of page ads are loading.

Bullet points not coming through to print version – All bullet points as well as line breaks are removed so that section shows up as one long paragraph that then must be reformatted for print.

Error message returned when trying to delete a section from an article in CUE – Users should be able to remove sections that were added erroneously. With CCI R&D.

Difficult to select “New Window” under Link Target in Inline Link Properties – The menu under Link target in Inline Link Properties shifts when you click down making it difficult to select New Window. – With CCI R&D.

Login prompt when logged into CUE – While already logged in and working user receives a pop-up asking for their password. Since user is logged in with Google credentials, the box does not accept a password. With CCI R&D.

Development Team Risks/Concerns

Reduction in Team Velocity –  Developer illness and family emergencies have increased the amount of developer PTO used this Sprint and the resource count for this Sprint has been reduced. Onboarding of one new developer this week and one new developer next week is reducing the speed at which developers are able to provide solutions to bugs or develop new features.

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