The official weekly report from the FCC Digital Team providing updates from the past week (September 4-7, 2018). Inside this update you will find a status report on the CUE Implementation Project along with a report on the status of all products supported by FCC Digital.

Week Highlights

QA/UAT Team has completed over half of tasks committed in this Sprint.

UAT Process has begun with the content teams.

Cloudfront issue has been resolved, allowing for testing to progress.

New Project Manager candidate selected and offer was extended.

Week Lowlights

UAT process for Advertising has stalled because of issues with the Ad Technology (incorrect requirements, .

New issues identified in testing with Video sound not functioning as expected.

Progress on the Live Migration process has slowed significantly.

CUE Implementation Project

Sprint 15 Goals

Migration Team


Sprint 15 Availability

Migration Team: 3.5 Resources
QA/UAT Team: 4 Resources

Sprint 14 Committed Story Points

Migration Team: 35 Story Points
QA/UAT Team: 41 Story Points

Current Sprint Status

Migration Team


Long Term Product Support

Currently Unaddressed Issues

Drupal News Websites

Live Video Provider Update – New LiveStream video provider to replace Ustream and is expected to be replaced on the Drupal sites this week

FNS Articles Preview Bug – When users without FNS Editor permissions preview some articles on their website, they receive an ‘Access Denied’ message.

Redirect Module Bug – When an article title or category is updated, the redirect module will occasionally fail to properly create the correct 301 redirect. Resulting in a 404 error.

File Upload Bug – Occasionally users will get an AJAX error when attempting to upload photos to the website.

Access Denied Bug – User session cookies will occasionally corrupt and remove the ability for newsroom users to access the Drupal Admin.

Facebook links from https – Facebook shares are not pulling in images when using the https version of the URL.

Google Drive Integration not functioning for LC News Chronicle

Park Rapids and Worthington Paid Political Letters – Add importing from iServices for these two sites.

Lakes Group Legals Update – Updates to the Lakes Group sites to display Legal Notices.

Drupal Database issues with Master/Slave handling – Even when explicitly instructed to utilize the slave databases, Drupal 7 functions will default to the Master database. This has been causing issues for over a year and a half due to the scale of FCC News Website operations.

WCTrib Active Directory Integration – The deprecation of the Willmar AD site has broken the AD integration for all Willmar users.

Drop in Ad Requests – Starting 04/19/18 Advertising requests have dropped by a reportedly large amount. Dave Wruck has worked with the Advertising partners to rule out any issues with DFP/AdX setup. Advertising code has not been altered since February 7, 2018 with the inclusion of the Origami widget. Issue possibly stems from the Network or Systems side.

WordPress Websites/Blogs

Media Export for (Duluth)

Media Export for

Current Job Openings Embed for

Low Search Traffic on Say Anything Blog


Unsupported Cold Fusion Version with Critical Security Vulnerabilities


Widget on Drupal News Websites is not updating

Unsupported Cold Fusion Version with Critical Security Vulnerabilities


Marketplace Tracker is returning errors on certain slugs

Unsupported Cold Fusion Version with Critical Security Vulnerabilities

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