You will love working here. Trust us.

Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.


If you like to think big and you’re looking for a culture that’s anything but typical, you’ve come to the right place. Join a team of over 1,400 employees across 4 states and start doing what you love.

Benefits and Perks


Our PTO platform is pretty incredible. The longer you work here the more PTO you can earn and accrue.


We offer a “healthy” benefits package. Don’t mind the pun. In all seriousness, we care about the well being of our employees.  We offer medical, dental, vision, counseling, flexible spending accounts, life insurance plans as well as long-term and short-term disability options.


We observe most official holidays and offer free paid time off for them. Heck, you even get an extra free paid day off for your birthday, because we love you.


Although we’d love to see you work at FCC until the end of time, we understand that some day you might want to retire. We will help get you set up with a retirement plan that works for you.


Yoga, self defense classes, walking groups, health club reimbursement and more! Every location does things their own way but we are all on the same page when it comes to the health of our employees.


We know you are already amazing and talented, but we want to work with you on sharpening your skill set into a fine edge that can cut through any challenge that is presented to you. Our training opportunities are here to help you on your occupational adventure.


Everyone wants to have a happy and productive work environment. Our company culture is top of the line and always evolving to better suit our employees and their needs. No voice goes unheard at FCC. You can even become a member of the culture team and make your ideas come to life!


Our IT staff makes sure that we are always ahead of the technology curve. We will make sure you are appropriately armed to do the best work you can do and support is available to keep you up and running at all times.