About This Project

The Herald was launched June 26, 1879, more than 10 years before North Dakota and South Dakota were granted statehood. In 1929 the Herald was purchased by the Ridder family and M.M. Oppegard. In 1974 the Ridder group of newspapers merged with Knight Newspapers to form Knight Ridder then in 2006, was purchased by Forum Communications Company. Although the Herald is based in North Dakota, a large percentage of readers live in Minnesota. The Herald includes Minnesota as well as North Dakota in any stories that gauge the regional impact of national and international news. The paper circulates in 8 counties of northeastern North Dakota and in 6 counties of northwestern Minnesota. It’s delivered across the upper Red River Valley, with a primary circulation area stretching from Rugby, N.D. to Bemidji, Minn., the Canadian border to Hillsboro, N.D.


375 Second Ave. N.
Grand Forks, ND 58203