About This Project

The professional sales and customer service staff at Forum Communications Printing can answer your questions, even before you begin your initial planning. Quality starts with clear communication and continues throughout the process.


From start to finish, your project will receive attention to detail whether it’s brochures, catalogs or full-color magazines. You’ll know exactly how things are going. When your project is at Forum Communications Printing, you become an important team member in its success. You will have direct access to, and answers from, the people who are working on your project.


Forum Communications Printing has clients not only at home in Fargo, North Dakota, but literally from coast to coast, even Alaska! Because they are centrally located, they can serve customers nationwide and save them money. In fact, with secure electronic information exchange systems to handle projects, they work closely with customers they’ve never even seen!


4601 16th Ave N
Fargo, ND 58107