Forum Communications to Acquire Scuttlebutt Magazine

Forum Communications to Acquire Scuttlebutt Magazine

FARGO, N.D. — Forum Communications Company, or FCC, has announced that they have entered into an agreement to purchase Scuttlebutt magazine owned by Bromeland Publishing.

Scuttlebutt magazine, based in Blue Earth, Minn. is owned by Bob Bromeland. The sale is expected to close on July 8. A letter to Scuttlebutt’s advertisers will accompany July’s invoice and/or statement providing additional information.

“Conversation of the possible acquisition started when Bromeland reached out in April to Matt McMillan, VP of Newspapers for FCC. “Having printed with them a few years ago, I knew that, at least, some of their people were familiar with the magazine and that with their large footprint in Minnesota, particularly along the St. Croix and Mississippi, Scuttlebutt might be a good fit for them,” said Bromeland.

“We welcome Scuttlebutt magazine into Forum Communications Company. We have a history of expanding when it fits our footprint and we are excited to have this magazine serving boaters added to our mix for our customers,” said McMillan.

FCC owns more than 60 paid and free publications in the upper Midwest as well as four ABC television affiliates in North Dakota, commercial printing operations, a news bureau, and an AM radio station. The company employs 1,600 people.

Among FCC’s operations is RiverTown Multimedia, a group of more than a dozen paid and free papers and newspaper printing facility based in Red Wing, Minn. Steve Gall, publisher of RiverTown Multimedia, will oversee Scuttlebutt. The printing of Scuttlebutt magazine will move to one of FCC’s printing facilities.

“Scuttlebutt Magazine, along with the recently announced acquisition of Helmer’s publications; expected to close June 27, and RiverTown could not be a better fit. We are family owned and strive for long-term relationships with readers and advertisers,” Gall said.

The philosophy behind Forum Communications recent growth – the company is also in the middle of establishing a new commercial printing plant in Sioux Falls, SD and purchasing Helmer Printing’s publications in Beldenville, Wis. – includes the concept of clustering properties.

“The acquisition of Scuttlebutt magazine serving this same Minnesota, Wisconsin region will strengthen our offerings to customers,” said McMillan.

“FCC’s strong presence in Minnesota’s lake-rich counties, on the western tip of Lake Superior, along the Mississippi and St. Croix puts them in a position to offer more to Scuttlebutt’s advertisers,” said Bromeland. “I couldn’t be more proud of the reputation Scuttlebutt has earned among Minnesota’s boating community and I expect FCC to take the magazine to new levels. I am so, profoundly, grateful for the support from our advertisers. Scuttlebutt has clients within its pages who have never missed an issue since I acquired it in December, 1995. In fact, there are even some advertisers who have never missed an issue since the magazine was first launched in the mid-1980s which speaks volumes about the magazine. And, of course, Scuttlebutt’s readers are those who make it all possible. Without their passionate readership, Scuttlebutt never would have succeeded.”